"I found out that in one big world, you live in one part of it. You think that everything is the same...but it really is not true... If I didn't experience it... I really would not believe it."

- Rebeka

Rebeka on her bike

27 Minutes

Rebeka, a seven year old American girl, moves to Guangzhou, China with her parents who teach English to Chinese students at Zhongshan University. She attends an all Chinese school on the campus, learns to read, write and speak Mandarin, makes friends with her classmates and joins the Young Pioneers. Her stay in Guangzhou comes to an abrupt and wrenching end in June of 1989 because of fears of government violence during the student protests.

Rebeka narrates her own story from the perspective of a nine year old. Her commentary includes descriptions of her school’s curriculum and methods of disciplining students, her little sister’s nursery school, food, and her version of the student protests. But most compelling of all are her thoughts about the personal rewards she experienced as a young girl living in another culture. 


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Chicago International Children’s Film Festival
- Best Educational Film/Video
- Special Education Jury Award for a Film or Video That Enhances Global Awareness
- UNICEF Rights of the Child Nomination

New England Children’s Film Video Festival
- Best Documentary Film

National Educational Film and Video Festival
- A Bronze Apple

Utah Short Film and Video Festival
- Special Jury Recognition for Excellence as a Video for Children

North Carolina International Film and Video Festival
- Certificate of Merit: Documentary




"Rebeka is a remarkable kid who finds herself in a remarkable situation, one that would terrify most seven year olds. Her courage and her frankness about her responses to her Chinese friends and teachers enable the audience to make this difficult transition along with her."

Stanlee Brimberg, 7th Grade Teacher
The Bank Street School of Education
New York, New York

"Rebeka provides the particulars of a China we seldom see, that of young children as they learn and play. Through her clearly enjoyable experiences, Rebeka encourages discovery of another culture."

Dr. Diane Carson, Film Professor, Reviewer
Education in Asia

“A popular film for children and schools interested in exploring life in China – through the observant eyes of an American child. It shows the impressions and experiences of a 9 year-old girl who concludes how wonderfully mind opening it is to be exposed to a different people and culture. Children show once again, how to adapt, get along and form friendships without any prejudices. A classic. I highly recommend it.”

Waltraud Tammen, Director
iMediaSource, Educational Media Library

“Resonates so richly on so many levels. An absolutely lovely piece of work.”

Elizabeth Mann, Writer, Editor, Publisher
Mikaya Press